judy guckingham(non-registered)
Scott, these photos are wonderful all in an around Whitewater. My daughter lives there with her husband and 3 boys and I was reading the paper and ran across the article of your showing , Wish I lived closer to see it in person, Really neat.
Sherry Stanek(non-registered)
Scott, your photography is stunningly beautiful! The detail on the owls is incredible. Thank you, I really enjoyed seeing your work!

Dean fischer(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures. Great hobby!
Joanna Smith(non-registered)
You must be Andy's son. I went to high school with him. Your photography is amazing. I especially like the wildlife - the foxes and the owls are so real, I feel I could touch them through the screen. It must take a lot of patience to wait for just the right time. Excellent work.
Richard Allen(non-registered)
Great photos and nice site!
Steven Sahyun(non-registered)
Excellent photograph of the lunar eclipse!
Chuck Heinrich(non-registered)
Great, great photography...seeing bits of southern Wisconsin in the background along with fantastic creatures and nature throughout the year makes me wonder if at the very least, you should be putting a calendar together for 2015.
bob mischka(non-registered)
You do fabulous work. I'm amazed by your photographs.
Amazing photography!
LOVE your owl photos.
Just magnificent. Keep up the awesome work! (o;
Pam Veitenheimer(non-registered)
Totally awesome shots. Are you willing to share any that I might try to paint them? thanks much for any consideration.
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